We are very proud to launch our latest superhero range of catsuits, which are exclusive to Grid Girl Outfits.

In the range we are offering Spider Girl, Super Girl, Batgirl and Avengers. During 2020 more will follow and we are also open to requests.



This is the sample outfit as seen in the above images and has only been worn once by the model.

This item will be shipped the same day if you order before 2pm

This catsuit features a front zip

The catsuit is made from a high quality polyester material which is designed for comfort purposes and to keep the user cool at all times. The colours, logos and graphics have been sublimated into the fabric meaning it's impossible for any of the artwork to peel off.  

Ideal for:

  • Motorsport events
  • Business events
  • Parties & events
  • Fancy dress
  • Photo shoots
  • Causing lots of attention


The outfits are made to a UK dress size. If ordering from outside the UK please check our size guide to ensure you order the correct size.

Save Money on this item
If you are happy to wait 3-4 weeks then you can pre-order this outfit and choose different sizes. Simply navigate to the Superheros section.

Avengers Catsuit (XS)

  • The garments are very easy to wash in a hand wash liquid (or by machine on a low 30 degrees temperature wash, but please place inside a pillow case to protect) then rinse and air-dry overnight. In most cases do not use fabric conditioner as this has no benefit on most synthetic fabrics.

    The underwear worn with these outfits is critical to how they look when seen or photographed. We suggest the girls wear a G-string and T-shirt bra (smooth fabric) or no bra at all. This will make a big difference to the overall look.