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Sell your used outfits

Do you have any old Grid Girl Outfits you no longer need? If so then we can help sell them for you

We often make up bespoke outfits for clients who may use the outfits for a motor racing season or trade show, then the following year they may require new outfits. So why not receive some money back on your old outfits. 

How does it work?
We will have a dedicated area on our site which features clients old outfits that are for sale. We will list all the information and wait for a buyer. Our site receives a huge amount of traffic every day and not just B2B clients, but the general public looking for used outfits.

1) We list your item

2) Once sold we take payment

3) We then send you the shipping address and ask you to dispatch to the client 


4) We send you the payment


Sell your outfits.JPG

What fee do you take?
We take a fee of 15% off the total sell price

How much should I sell for?
This is completely up to you and we will advise a price. This will mostly depend on the condition of the outfit & how unique the design is. 

How do I get started?
Complete the below form to get started

Once you have submitted your request, we shall be in touch to advertise your item(s)

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