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Grid Girl Outfits HQ

Grid Girl Outfits stands as a pinnacle in the realm of Grid Girl attire enterprises globally. Rooted in both the USA and UK, we boast a venerable legacy of over two and a half decades, specializing in bespoke Grid Girl ensembles, Ring Girl attire, and team wear craftsmanship.

Our footprint extends dominantly across the landscape of premier motor racing gatherings, with our creations adorning the vistas of esteemed events worldwide. From Formula 1 and IndyCar to MotoGP, NASCAR, World Superbikes, and WTCC, among others, our imprint is indelible. Beyond the confines of motorsport, we cater to a spectrum of occasions, including trade shows, promotional engagements featuring ring girls, and corporate functions on a global scale. Notably, our Ring Girl division commands distinction, servicing major international events with aplomb.

At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to exemplary customer service and meticulous attention to detail. Distinguished by our unparalleled accessibility, we boast an expansive team of dedicated professionals, united in their fervor for excellence. Bolstered by in-house designers and a robust sales and marketing cohort, we pledge unwavering support from initial inquiry to post-delivery, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction. Our enduring creations, crafted from the finest materials and utilizing cutting-edge technology, epitomize longevity and quality craftsmanship. 

Grid Girl Outfits Jason


Global Director

Jason runs the day to day of the business and leads all of the sales enquires. Jason has been in the bespoke clothing industry for over 15 years and is based in our U.K and USA office. 

Grid Girl Outfits Steve


Sales & Marketing Director 

Dean has been with the company since 2016 and leads our sales and marketing campaigns as well as the day-to-day running with Jason. Dean has over 12 years of custom apparel knowledge and has worked with multiple leading brands. 

Grid Girl Outfits Bali


Asian Director

Bali has been with GGO since the beginning and has over 30 years of experience working in the bespoke apparel industry. Bali is based from our main factory and ensures the day to day runs smoothly.  

Grid Girl Outfits Dolphin.jpg


Lead Graphic Designer

Shiva leads up our graphics department and has been working in grahic design for over 16 years. Shiva has a very creative flair and loves nothing more than a challenge. Shiva will be the person who most likely creates your artwork. 

Grid Girl Outfits Snow Leopard.jpg


Customer Services

Britney is one of the newest members to join Grid Girl Outfits and works in our customer care department and is based from our Florida office. Britney also loves trying out our garments and is a great person to have around when developing new items. Britney is a very outgoing young lady with a great sense of humour and has been with us 1 year after leaving college. 

Grid Girl Outfits


Visual Merchandiser

Sasha works from our UK office and joined the team late 2019. Sasha is responsible for working within our buy now range and ensurng stock levels are maintained, images are captured of all outfits plus other inventory work and assisting the production & development team.

Grid Girl Outfits Shark.jpg


Senior Factory Manager

Amen works from our HQ Factory and overseas the day to day running and manages all departments. Amen is responsible for ensuring all equipment is regulary maintained, running smoothly and materials are constantly stocked up. 

Grid Girl Outfits eagle.jpg


Quality Control Manager

Kali has been working in the clothing industry for over x30 years and is a true perfectionist which is why she is our quality control manager. Nothing ever leaves the factory without the signoff from Kali. The buck stops with her he can check over x200 individual garments each day.

Grid Girl Outfits Horse.jpg


Accounts Department

Linda has been with the company for since the begining and is responsible for keeping the finances in tip top condition.  She will raise invoices and clear all purchase invoices. If you have been naughty and not paid your invoice then Linda will be hot on your tail. 

Grid Girl Outfits Lion.jpg


Office Manager

Carole works from our UK office and manages everyone from the office. Carole also oversees the call center & assists Jason  & Dean.



Brand Manager

Lisa is the newest recruit to GGO and is our official Brand Manager. She comes with an impressive 12 years of solid experience and has worked for some of the biggest global brands in the world. 

Grid Girl Outfits Factory.jpg
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