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At Grid Girl Outfits every single outfit is made to order and designed exactly the way you want. We believe in giving you our clients exactly what you want. We have in-house graphic designers who are ready and waiting to start working on your visuals and unlike other companies, we DO NOT charge a design fee or any setup fees.

We start by sending you blank templates allowing you to give us some ideas of what you are looking for. Here your design skills can be as basic or advanced as you like. Once we receive your ideas our designers will then work closely with you until you are happy with your visuals. We will require any logos sent to us in EPS, Ai, PSD, EPS, PDF or TIFF, if you have your Pantone colours then please send us these allowing us to match the outfits to your brand colours. 


Stage 1- What do you require?

Grid Girl Outfits

This is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you want. By completing our form we will have all of the information needed to get you started.

Stage 2 - Sketch out your ideas

Create your own outfit

We provide all clients with a blank template and ask you to sketch some ideas together. These can be as basic or advanced as you like.

Or you may wish to send us images of other outfits you like, then we will move from here.

When you return your ideas we also ask for the below


  • High-Resolution Logos

  • Pantone Colours required 

  • Any specialised artwork files

Stage 3- We create a set of visuals

Create your own outfit

One of our experienced designers will now begin working on your visuals for you. You will have unlimited revisions available.


Stage 4 - Review & approve

Create your own outfit

Our designers will then send you a mockup of your outfits. This will be your opportunity to suggest any changes.

Once happy simply confirm the designs, tell us the sizes you need and then it's off to production.

Stage 5 - Production

Create your own outfit

Our production team will now begin creating your garments from complete scratch. 

The process will involve printing, cutting, stitching, assembling and quality inspection. 

Once we are happy and they pass our quality control, they are packages and loaded for dispatch. 

Stage 6 - Outfits Shipped 

UPS Truck.jpg

Your outfits are en route to you and will be with you soon. Depending on what delivery service you selected this will be between 1-10 days.

Stage 7 - Outfits arrive, enjoy!

Create your own outfit

Frequently asked questions

How much do the outfits cost?

If you contact us today with all of your requirements then a member of our sales team shall contact you immediately via phone or e-mail (whatever you prefer)

The costs vary on what you require, but we do have something for everyone and all budgets.

How long do the outfits take to make?

Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks, however, we can fast track your order in just 1 week for an extra fee

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide and ship hundreds of garments monthly across the globe. There isn't anywhere we can't ship to.

Can you create Visuals for me?

Yes of course we can. The basic information we need are the colours, logos and any content including the website address you need on the outfits. The more information we have from you the better. We do offer blank templates to allow you to sketch some ideas too.

What is the setup and artwork costs?

Nothing, this is free of charge with Grid Girl Outfits.

Can you make me something that isn't listed on your site?

Yes we can. If we create you something different we will need time as this does take a few months to perfect.

Can I have a sample before I place my order?

Generally we never send samples for the Grid Girl outfits simply because of the time frame. Clients generally require samples to check the sizes, however, we can advise on the correct sizes and work closely with hundreds of agencies and promo girls around the world. This allows us to have an excellent understanding of the best sizes to make. If you do require a sample then you need to factor in lots of time and we do charge for samples.

What happens if the items arrive faulty or damaged?

Thankfully this is extremely rare as the garments are made from very high-quality fabrics. If for any reason your item arrives damaged you are required to inform us immediately and to send in a photo. We will then create a set of replacement outfits and ship them on a fast track service. We will need the damaged garments back straight away.

I need something shipped today, can you help?

Yes we can. We have stock items which we can ship straight away. These cannot be customised, but are great for last minute requests.

Click HERE for the online shop.

I need a very large order of Team Wear (Shirts, Polo's & Jackets), can you offer me a discount?

Yes absolutely, we provide some great discounts based on quantity, just let us know what you require.

I run a marketing / model agency, can I offer your services?

Yes, you can and run an affiliate program where you can become one of our partners for your country. Just get in touch for more info.

What are the Grid Girl Outfits made from?

The fabric we use is easy-care WHITE polyester / elastane called Nando. It is 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane. The weight is 250 gr/m2 which is heavier than ordinary nylon / Lycra or nylon / elastane. We also offer extra-thick fabrics if needed

Can we book promotional models through you?

Not direct with us, however we work with hundreds of staffing/model agencies across the globe and can happily recommend you some of the best agencies.

How do I choose the colours and add logos?

Firstly you can have whatever colour you want, if you know the Pantone colour then we can match this 100%. In regards to how the outfit looks, you can have whatever you want and place logos etc wherever you desire. We will send you a blank template to sketch some ideas, then our designers will visual them for you.

Can you help me with sizing?

Yes of course and we have size guides available, just ask your sales contact.