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Affiliation Program

At Grid Girl Outfits we are always keen to establish new partnerships and currently work with various companies around the world. If you are one of the below then why contact us to discuss how our affiliation program can benefit you. Spaces for our affiliation program are limited and acceptance is subject to our background checks and requirements.

Re-seller for a Country

We are always looking for companies around the world to become our official partner for certain countries. You would be given exclusive rights to act as our official representative for your country. You would be resonsible for your quoting clients, working with our designers on designs and shipping garments. With our re-seller package you manage your own orders and clients and we simply create and send you the garments, but with our re-seller rates which allow you to trade at the same rates as us. You will be listed on our site as the representative for your particular country and we will assist you with all marketing material, images and full support. Note: we only allow one re-seller per country. 

Promotional Staffing / Model Agency

If you run a promotional staffing agency or model agency then the chances of your clients wanting to dress your promo staff in personalised garments is very high. Our outfits are regularly required for exhibitions/trade shows, PR stunts, business launches, sporting events, festivals plus much more. We will help you to create a clothing page on your site which allows you to offer bespoke made clothing to your clients. We will work on all the visuals for you and ship direct to your clients and include your advice letters and company stickers on the box. Again you will be given a discount to allow you to sell at the same rates we do and to add your own margins.

Promo Model / Business Owner- Commission

Our Commission only package is a great way to make instant commission for simply passing leads across. We simply create you a sales account which then generates you a unique discount code allowing you to offer your clients a fantastic saving plus the code will be linked to your sales account, allowing us to track all your leads. We deal with everything from the initial quotation, working on visuals right down to shipping the garments to them.

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