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Grid Girl Outfits Terms & Conditions

Our aim is for you to be totally happy with our service. Please be aware that your use of the Site constitutes your agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions set out below. These conditions may be subject to change at any time and without notice. It is your responsibility to check the conditions regularly before ordering from us in case there are any changes.


Grid Girl Outfits makes every effort to produce visuals that replicate your final garment requirements. Therefore, we require you thoroughly inspect the visuals provided BEFORE signing and sending as your approval. Responsibility for approval lies with the client - be certain to review all of the following:





* QR CODES - correct links / placement


* That amendments to style of standard garments (by request) are visibly noted.



Once a CONFIRMED/SIGNED order is received by Grid Girl Outfits the customer is legally obligated to accept delivery of the garments. Grid Girl Outfits will deliver the product as demonstrated within this document - refunds/ returns for bespoke garments will NOT be accepted.

Should you have further questions, please contact your Grid Girl Outfits representative.

Whilst every effort will be made to deliver orders to target, this is a target and due to seasonal trends, this can be extended at any time even after an order has been confirmed. The target is not guaranteed and not contractual. Grid Girl Outfits reserves the right to split the supply of the ordered goods into more than one delivery. Grid Girl Outfits will invoice for Delivered Goods as they are dispatched. Carriage paid goods will be delivered to the customer by the cheapest reasonable method and route unless otherwise requested. The customer shall bear all additional costs invoiced by the Company in respect of any other agreed method of delivery.

Payments must be made in advance of any production work. Grid Girl Outfits accept various payment methods and this will be explained by your sales contact. If payment has not been received, then the production of your garments will not commence. 


Notification of an issue/fault with an order must be made by phone/email/ letter to Grid Girl Outfits within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. The goods must be retained in an unused condition and the cost of any loss or damage will be borne by the customer. Whereby Grid Girl Outfits has failed to comply with the confirmed customer order instructions or the product is faulty we will happily exchange the product within a reasonable time scale. If upon receipt of any invoice from the Company the Customer finds that any consignment of Goods covered by such invoice was not received by the Customer then Grid Girl Outfits will use its reasonable endeavors to assist the Customer in making a claim against the carrier by showing that such consignment of Goods was delivered to the carrier provided the Customer notifies the Company and the Carrier of all relevant details in writing within 7 days of the date of such invoice. Failure to take action within such time will render such assistance by the company entirely discretionary.


Grid Girl Outfits shall be under no obligation to accept returned Goods but may in its absolute discretion do so by prior agreement with the Customer. If Grid Girl Outfits does so agree then the Customer must return such Goods carriage paid and provide to the Company under separate cover the date and the number of the relevant invoice and (if possible) return the relevant delivery note. The Company reserves the right to impose a handling charge of 30% of the invoiced value of returned goods and (if the Customer has not already paid the relevant invoice) such handling charge (if imposed) must be paid forthwith upon return of the Goods and Grid Girl Outfits acceptance of such returned Goods shall be conditional upon prompt payment thereof.


For the avoidance of doubt Cubwear Clothing Ltd shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of any carrier.

All visuals provided by Cubwear Clothing and Grid Girl Outfits are Copyright protected to Cubwear Clothing Ltd 2022. This means all visuals are protected to Cubwear Clothing Ltd and therefore are the property of Cheetah Sportswear Ltd. Any created visuals may not be created by any other supplier and only by Cubwear Clothing Ltd or Grid Girl Outfits. If we are made aware of any Copyright infringement then the matter will be passed across to our legal department. 

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