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Fresh for 2023

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil three extraordinary additions to our Grid Girl Outfits collection. With relentless dedication, we have meticulously crafted these exclusive ensembles to captivate and inspire in 2023. These remarkable garments not only exude breathtaking beauty but also provide unparalleled comfort for the wearer. Prepare to be dazzled by the perfect fusion of style and indulgence that our new outfits bring to the table.

1) Sapphire:

Introducing our latest Crop Top, meticulously crafted to elevate comfort to new heights while exuding a fresh and stylish appeal. This exceptional design eliminates the need for a bra, thanks to the thoughtful incorporation of extra reinforcement. At the back, an enchanting open cross pattern not only enhances support but also fosters a cool and airy sensation, adding a touch of allure to this remarkable garment.


2) Diamond

Introducing the exquisite Diamond Crop Top, a true embodiment of exclusivity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This captivating garment showcases a stunning and distinctive design, characterized by a front cross-over that seamlessly transitions into a rear cross-over. We are particularly enamoured by this exceptional creation, as its unparalleled uniqueness sets it apart from all other options on the market, while providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort and a truly seductive allure.


3) Boxing Robe

Introducing a groundbreaking offering never seen before: bespoke Ring Girl robes. These exquisitely crafted robes can be customized to perfectly match the designs of your Ring Girl uniforms, complete with built-in hoods and drawstrings. Embracing the functionality of keeping the wearers warm during chilly event moments, these robes also infuse an air of exclusivity to your brand like no other. Imagine the impact when your girls make their entrance, adorned in their unique robes, creating an atmosphere of suspense and elevating your brand to new heights. This distinctive touch will leave a lasting impression, further amplifying your brand's prominence.


Embark on the journey of crafting your very own bespoke uniforms, adorned with our sensational new designs. It all begins with a simple step - reaching out to us. Together, let's bring your vision to life and create extraordinary garments that will leave a lasting impression. Get in touch today and let the magic of collaboration unfold, making remarkable things happen exclusively for you.

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