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Latest update Covid-19

Updated: May 13, 2020

May 2020 Update We are delighted to announce our factories are now open once again and our production line has once again begun. It's business as usual for us, but some shipments may be delayed due to courier backlogs.


Covid-19 is affecting everyone at the moment, whether it be for health reasons, work related or something else. We all need to stay safe and ride this out together, it will soon pass.

With everything happening at the moment we understand lots of events are being pushed back, which is obviously the right thing to do.

We believe that it is vital to maintain high standards whilst also keeping our team safe. With that in mind we have a dedicated core team of sales and design staff in place to assist you during these testing times. Our sales & design staff will simply be working from home and can assist you as they normally would.

Lots of clients who are in the design stage with us may have featured a particular event on their outfit and this means the dates, venue sponsors etc may need changing. If this is you then we will of course change the designs for you (FOC), or simply put things on hold for you, until we know more. If you have recently placed and paid for an order then you need not to worry, this is now in production and we will send tracking once on route to you.


Allow plenty of time, don’t leave it to the last minute....

Something to remember is that with so many events being pushed back, the postponed and later events may clash with each other. This may mean we experience an over whelming request for outfits resulting in delays once thing are back to normal. Our advice is that if you are thinking of having outfits made for the future then let's start working on the visuals sooner rather than later. We only have 3 designers and if things become extremely busy we may struggle to keep up with the bombardment of requests, once everything is officially back to normal. We can start working on outfits now and add sponsors / logos and other details once you have them at a later date if needed . It’s all about preparing and having things ready for when things get going again. Even if our factories close then our designers will simply work from home. Use the downtime to prepare!


Safety Car analogy....

At the moment it feels like we are under a safety car during a Grand Prix race, so now is the perfect time to come in and change your tyres (prepare your outfit visuals, see what you need). With our fresh set of tyres on we are all set to go racing when the safety car comes in.


Courier backups and extended delivery times...

We are now accepting our final orders for a while as FEDEX, UPS and DHL are already experiencing backlogs with shipping and soon everything could come to a standstill, so we are advising to either order final bits this week or wait until things clear up a little.


Temporary Factory closure...

Like most large factories, we have decided to close ours whilst we are on "Lockdown". Our sales & design teams are working from home and can assist in getting everything ready, for when our factories open again. We are currently queuing orders up and so once we start production again we can process your orders as quickly as possible.


Off the shelf outfits.......

If you do require any “Off the shelf” outfits then we do hold stock and can ship next day from our UK office. Shipments arrive next day to the UK and 1-2 days to US and Europe.


That’s all for now folks, stay safe, look after yourselves and each other and we will all get through this. Grid Girl Outfits team +44 (0) 121 222 1317 +1 786 322 2280

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