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We are now offering a "Buy now, pay later service" on our stock item products (not bespoke orders)

We fully appreciate money is tight for everyone a the moment and it's pretty doom and gloom out there. We don't want money to stop you from having what you want and so we have teamed up with "Lay Buy" who offer a buy now and payback in 6 monthly installments.

We have teamed up with LayBuy as they offer a very quick and easy solution, plus you don't pay any interest, it's completely free! What's the catch you may ask? There isn't one for you, we the company have to pay the interest. Example: Product is £49.99 You check out and select the "LAYBUY" payment option Month 1: £8.34 Month 2: £8.34 Month 3: £8.34 Month 4: £8.34 Month 5: £8.34 Month 6: £8.34

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