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How do you fancy grabbing yourself a Grid Girl Outfit for just £2?

New for 2021we are running monthly raffles on Facebook and Instagram where you can win some Grid Girl Outfits. 

how do i enter?

1) Ensure you follow us

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

2) Buy your ticket(s)


Secure checkout HERE

3) Choose your number(s)     (1-30)

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We are limiting the entries to 30 to begin with

when does the next draw take place?

  • 1st Sunday in every month

  • Live draw at 8pm

  • 1st Sunday in every month

  • Live draw at 8pm

Next raffle is...

what is this month's raffle?

Champ Racing.jpg

Grid Girl Catsuit Zip - Champ Racing

Sizes available 
XXS, XS, S and M

We are proud to launch our latest catsuit which features our Blue Chap Racing design. These are exclusive to Grid Girl Outfits and only available to purchase here.

how does the draw happen?

Grid Girl Outfits Raffle.jpg
  • Select and purchase your numbers for this Sundays Draw 

  • At 8pm we will host a live draw on social media using our bingo machine which will randomly draw a winning ball. 

  • If you are the winner, we shall contact you and arrange the shipment of your prize

purchase tickets for next draw

Frequently asked questions

How many people can enter week?

There is a maximum of 75 tickets available each draw.
This is simply because the bingo machine comes with 75 balls.
At present we are limiting the draw to 30 balls.

Does the raffle only happen once all tickets are sold?

No, we will continue no matter what. Even if only 2 tickets are sold, we shall continue.

We don't expect all 75 to sell, we have only selected 75 as this is the number of balls available in the bingo machine.

What happens if a ball is drawn where nobody has that number?

We will only enter the chosen numbers

Some weeks there may only be for example 5 people to enter. We will only place those purchased balls into the draw.

Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes you can

How do I choose my numbers?

Simply select the number(s) you want from the drop down menu. Once added to the cart and payment is received, the numbers will be unavailable to anyone else.

How do I buy a ticket?

There will be a link online to show you on the day.

Basically there will be a secure link on our site where you can purchase your tickets. You can pay via Paypal, Card or Laybuy

Or you can simply buy NOW

How is the draw done?

At 4pm on the raffle day, we will list a post on Facebook and Instagram

Ensure you purchase your tickets to enter

At 8pm we will host a live draw on social media using our bingo machine which will randomly draw a winning ball.

If you are the winner, we shall contact you and arrange the shipment of your prize

If I win, how quickly will my outfit take to arrive?

We shall dispatch it on the Monday and it will take..

2-3 Days if based in the UK
2-5 Days if based in Eurpe
2-5 Days if based in the US
3-7 Days if based in Australia
3-10 Days Rest of the world

Do I have to pay postage for the prize?

If you live in the U.K then NO

If you live outside you will be asked to pay the postage.

What prizes are up for grabs?

Each month we shall list information on the product. We plan to change the prizes each time and will list the available sizes.

Terms and conditions

Raffle Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Grid Girl Outfits Raffles.

Promoter: © Grid Girl Outfits,  1st SAS House, Lawden Road, Bordesley, Birmingham, B10 0AD

Terms and Conditions:

Entering the Grid Girl Outfits Raffle:

·         Tickets are not to be sold to, sold by, or bought on behalf of anyone under 16 years of age. Any tickets bought by or on behalf of somebody under the age of 16 will be rejected from the draw and the money returned to them.

·         Grid Girl Outfits Raffles are open to everyone, however, if you reside outside of the U.K you will be asked to pay for postage on your prize. 

·         Participation in this raffle costs £2 per raffle ticket. The maximum number of tickets available is 75. There are no limits to how many each customer purchases. However, only 75 will be sold per draw

·         The Promoter will host the draw even if the maximum number of tickets available is not reached. 

·         Payment for participation in the raffle can be made by online by card, Paypal or Laybuy. 

·         Raffle tickets will be entered into the draw when the whole payment is received. You can simply choose your numbers by commenting on the draw posts on social media. 

·         Grid Girl Outfits accepts no responsibility if the chosen method of payment is canceled in error.

·         Any raffle ticket monies received after the closing time will be put forward to the next draw. 

·         Grid Girl Outfits cannot claim Gift Aid on raffle ticket monies

·         Once you have completed your online payment, an email confirmation shall be sent to you. Please check your spam and junk folders as the email could filter into this. 


The Raffle Draw:

·         There will be two draws which will take place on the 3rd Sunday of each month. 1 on Facebook and 1 on Instagram between 8pm and 8.30pm.

·         The draw is made from the promoter using a bingo machine to randomly draw a ball, which will contain a number. 

·         The result of the raffle draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

·         Winners will be notified by social media within an hour of the draw. If the winners do not reply within 48 hours, then they will lose the prize. 

·         The prizes will always be products from our clothing range

·         Under no circumstances will Grid Girl Outfits ever offer cash prizes via our raffles.

Grid Girl Outfits Terms and conditions
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Privacy Policy
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Social Media
This raffle is by no means sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Instagram